Shri. D. Sivanandhan
Commissioner of Police, Thane, took initiative in building Thane Police School.

 About the Old Police School
The Municipal school which was situated near office of commissioner of police, Kharkar Ali, Thane, was almost 84 years old small chawl like structure .The building was old and dilapidated and the scenario for education was not all that perfect. Police personnel’s children’s were not getting the best education as their parents could not afford the high fee rate of private school and were left with an unfulfilled wish …
This situation was noticed by a visionary police commissioner who then thought of building a school which would not only be a great help to the police children’s but also for other civilians. It was no small accomplishment and one can applaud his patience & dedication for his quick action… “A school built in a period of just three months”. Mr. D.Shivanandan, the Commissioner of Police, Thane was instrumental in the success of this school. Wiithout his hard work and focused attention a flawless school couldn’t have been constructed. Mr. D.Shivanandan had almost a magical ability to turn his words into a beautiful school.